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Open up your data for frictionless collaboration

Service integration

Service integration

The ultimate purpose of system integration is to break down data silos and facilitate easier and more seamless data exchange between different departments, systems and ultimately organisations.

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The legacy tax on digital programmes.

Companies have discovered that their legacy IT is not ready for digital, frequently struggling when they try to connect their digital initiatives with the organisation’s dozens or hundreds of legacy IT systems and databases.

Digital transformations often disappoint due to the layering of solutions onto the broken processes and systems that are resistant to change. This results in a complexity tax that every digital project pays today.

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Unshackling digital innovation from legacy IT.

Most companies don’t have the luxury of starting with a clean slate; they must build an architecture designed for the digital enterprise on a legacy foundation. This requires a digital mindset, outside-in thinking and designing from the customer’s perspective.

A digital platform is an integration layer that decouples customer facing solutions from an internal IT estate. Built around microservices and APIs it is a critical element in allowing digital teams to innovate faster and continuously.

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An API-first strategy for digital success.

APIs are underpinning a new wave of business innovation, providing customers with omni-channel experiences and encouraging closer business partnerships.

As such, they are critical to the success of digital programmes, they become the backbone of an enterprise’s digital strategy.

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Power innovative customers experiences whilst hiding back-end complexity.

APIs are fuelling new digital transformations across enterprises, powering innovative customer experiences whilst hiding complexity in the back end.

Adopting an API-first strategy allows consistent and seamless adoption of new channels while leveraging a common base of business logic and providing a consistent experience. Mobile has become ubiquitous and we are seeing new interaction paradigms such as voice, chat, and wearables gain significant traction.

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Treat APIs as software products to extend company reach.

APIs are driving a new wave of innovation centered on sharing services. Partnerships are becoming increasingly critical for institutions to extend their boundaries beyond traditional channels, acquire more customers, and create deeper engagement.

An API-first strategy treats the API not as middleware but as a software product, which should be designed outside-in from the customer’s perspective - a big shift from integration-first operations in which APIs are typically created to support internal application implementations and then forgotten.

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Close collaboration

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Short-term contracts

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Simple ownership transfer

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