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Modernise your legacy systems without risking your data

Legacy modernisation

Legacy modernisation

We turn outdated legacy systems into value-adding business assets while keeping your vital data safe. UK-based developers with 30 years’ experience in Oracle and Javascript.

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Obsolete IT systems are a ticking time bomb

The issues with your legacy systems are worsening day-by-day, but the original developers are no longer around to help. As the technical debt increases, you risk outages, data loss, and serious disruptions to your services.

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We give your creaking legacy systems a new lease of life

With 30 years of experience in Oracle and Javascript, we’re one of the UK’s leading providers in legacy transformation. We can restore and enhance your legacy systems without any major disruptions to your data or business-critical services.

Everything begins with a two-step legacy assessment, where we determine the challenges and opportunities within four to six weeks. We then create a full roadmap for restoring your legacy systems - and turning them into business assets that enable innovation.

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Ramp up your capabilities to offer services your customers love

Legacy modernisation isn’t just about solving issues and outages - it’s about expanding your capabilities too. We help you integrate a wide range of platforms and APIs into your tech stack, including the latest AI innovations.

Making these transitions is challenging and trying to do everything in one ‘big bang’ changeover is risky. Instead, we transition step-by-step, ensuring your new and old technologies coexist to support your business processes.

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Bullet-proof risk management, refined through hundreds of successful projects

We break down each project into small phases so you can give feedback sooner, see visible progress, and feel confident moving forward. And because we tackle the most challenging parts of the project early on, you avoid the last-minute surprises and budget overruns that (some) developers are infamous for.

Our methodology focuses on protecting your data, whether we’re migrating it, leaving it in the cloud, or building a new interface around it.

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Start your transformation with a full legacy assessment in 4-6 weeks

To help you put your best foot forward, we start with a two-dimensional legacy assessment process. Software automation allows us to examine your systems from top-down and bottom-up, uncovering every individual business rule in your code.

We can then advise you on the safest and most practical ways to modernise, with a full roadmap for the journey ahead.

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Your no-fuss development Partner

IT development is complex enough already, so we keep the process smooth from start to finish.

Close collaboration

Close collaboration

Work with us remotely or face-to-face at our Birmingham headquarters.

Short-term contracts

Short-term contracts

Even though we hope you’ll stay with us long-term, we don’t tie you into multi-year contracts.

Simple ownership transfer

Simple ownership transfer

We fully hand over any code we create for you, with no legal or technical restrictions.

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Innovation. Delivered.

Experience 30 years of delivering tailored software solutions for diverse clients. Explore how we've partnered with businesses to innovate, overcome challenges, and drive success. From concept to implementation, we exceed expectations.

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