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We approach things a little differently here


Our approach

What's important to us ?

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A tailored fit

We don’t stick to a single rigid process or method. Instead, we focus on what makes each project unique. No two organisations are the same, so we adapt the way we work, make decisions, communicate, and measure results to fit your organisation’s specific goals.

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Experience goes a long way

Our process is customised to the realities and nuances of each individual environment, organisation, and mission. The process we ultimately deploy for each project is a culmination of the lessons we’ve learned from past experience paired with industry best practices.

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Communication is key

We know that an in-person presence is essential to understanding your context and building the relationships we need to succeed. The amount of time our team spends on-site — as an integrated part of your organisation — is all dependent on the specific needs of your project. And when we’re not there in person, we’re always available on chat, phone, and video.

Approach in GW projects
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Framing the problem

We’ll work with you to create a product that delivers the kind of unique value that drives market share and competitive advantage. We help you research and define your market, understand your customer, and articulate your product vision for customers and stakeholders.

Our time-boxed Research engagements define the problem space, the product vision, and a roadmap that generates real ROI — all backed by data and the customer voice. The end result is an actionable vision and plan that will enable your team (and ours) to deliver on your organisation's goals.

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Bold visions

Iterative design sprints swiftly shape your Minimal Viable Product (MVP) by pinpointing crucial customer needs and guiding initial development priorities. We then create wireframes and prototypes to bring your product vision to life, validating concepts for rapid ROI.

We simplify complex requirements into clear system designs and wireframes, ensuring seamless functionality across all devices while prioritising brand consistency and user satisfaction. Additionally, our architecture practices prioritise reducing long-term technology costs and fostering business agility through adaptable application architectures, ensuring optimal ROI both immediately and in the future.

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Bring ideas to life

Building digital products is a team sport. We’ve honed our process to enable low-friction collaboration with our clients and other external teams. You’ll have full transparency and can rest easy knowing we’ll work smoothly with everyone involved.

We use agile development practices that adapt to the needs of the project. This ensures we’re delivering on time, focusing on the highest priority tasks and delivering maximum value to you. We help large enterprises plan and execute large-scale programs quickly and reliably. Our Project Management philosophies and methodologies help even the most complex organisations deliver against programme milestones.

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Successful project

During this critical phase, we coordinate and collaborate closely with third parties to rigorously test your solution across all devices and integrations to make sure everything is speaking to each other the way it should.

During Launch, we train and support your teams to understand the ins and outs of the software. We provide intensive two to three weeks ‘go live’ support, where our designers and technical experts are on-site with you to answer any and all questions you have about how it works.

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Appreciating asset

Launching a product is only the first step, we understand that any solution is a long-term investment for the future. We support you post-launch and help you scale your product as you grow.

We work with you to plan, prioritise and deliver a roadmap that fits with your business goals. Get full visibility of what's coming up to determine what and when new capabilities will be added to your platform. The vision for your new product or service is delivered with actionable next steps. This includes a backlog of features and a timeline plan to get you there.

Case Studies

Innovation. Delivered.

Experience 30 years of delivering tailored software solutions for diverse clients. Explore how we've partnered with businesses to innovate, overcome challenges, and drive success. From concept to implementation, we exceed expectations.

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