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Custom ReactJS Development Services

Get bespoke IT systems that give you a competitive advantage

React.Js development delivers modern IT systems quickly and cost-efficiently. We custom-build applications that support your greatest ambitions—and give you a serious edge in your market.

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Why custom React development?

Off-the-shelf solutions won’t meet your enterprise IT ambitions

There are plenty of ready-made software packages that offer great functionality for large enterprises. But only a bespoke application can truly support your organisation’s unique processes—and your plans for innovation.

Our ReactJS development services bring you:

  • Flexible applications that integrate the latest technologies
  • Fast, cost-efficient software development from a single full-stack team
  • Phased deployment that eliminates project risk

What is custom ReactJS development?

Harness the world’s most popular programming language

ReactJS was originally developed by Facebook and was made available to the public in 2013. It’s a framework for JavaScript, which is the world’s most popular programming language—if you have a website or application, you’re already using it.

Historically, many application development teams have used multiple different programming languages.Our approach relies almost exclusively on JavaScript & TypeScript, and this delivers several advantages:

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Efficient development

Theoretically, any ReactJS developer can work on any part of your system. This means smaller teams, fewer handovers, and lower costs than multi-language development.

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Ready-made code

Many developers make their JavaScript code publicly available online. ReactJS developers can leverage this rich ecosystem as a starting point, dramatically accelerating delivery time.

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Unlimited creativity

Because JavaScript is open-source, developers can take existing solutions and evaluate, modify, and improve their code. This allows them greater freedom to build innovative apps.

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Multi-channel capabilities

ReactJS is complemented by its mobile-focused ‘sister’, React Native. With these two frameworks, developers can build apps that work seamlessly on both web and mobile.

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React enterprise app development

The safest development framework for enterprises and large organisations

All development projects are complex—but with enterprise software, the stakes are much higher. Not only are you investing more money than a small business would, but the resulting application will be the backbone of your business for 10+ years.

What’s more, you’re likely storing or migrating sensitive customer data. In other words, there’s little or no margin for error in your development project.

ReactJS delivers key benefits that make the process safer for enterprises:

Enable new innovation

1. Phased rollout

With ReactJS, it’s easy to develop your system component-by-component and roll it out in stages. Accordingly, your team has more opportunities to evaluate features and functionality.

Resolve technical debt

2. Risk-free migration

If you’re replacing an old system, the riskiest thing you can do is an all-in-one ‘big bang’ changeover. Because ReactJS lets us build in phases, we can migrate data and workflows one step at a time.

Future-proof your systems

3. Full stack development from a single team

ReactJS developers can work on front end, back end, UI/UX and customer APIs — meaning your project needs fewer developers overall. This reduces costs and shortens timelines, while leaving less space for human error.

Our ReactJS development process

How we custom-build your application in five stages

1.	Product Landscape

1. Product Landscape

Businesses often rush into development without a proper strategy in place, and this can lead to disappointing results, especially if they are not utilizing React.js development services. Instead, we start by understanding your product requirements and how they fit into your business goals.

2.	Product Vision & Architecture

2. Product Vision & Architecture

We assess your current systems and identify any limitations that would affect development. Next, we design the UI/UX for the entire application along with the technical blueprints (data model and service calls) to support the development.

3.	Product Design

3. Product Design

This is the final stage before we start coding. Here we produce the detailed specifications that enable our developers to write the individual programs, whether that means a screen, an API, or a database call.

4.	Product Development

4. Product Development

We get to work developing your product, working in short phases that allow for regular evaluation. Coding and testing are reduced to a bare minimum with our rapid JavaScript development platform, further shortening feedback loops and time to value.

5.	Asset Maintenance

5. Asset Maintenance

Every application requires maintenance, so we set up processes for monitoring and troubleshooting. We can also expand your product’s capabilities so you can keep innovating and respond to competitive threats.

Why choose Griffiths Waite?

Get a business-enhancing application in record time, with superior quality code

At Griffiths Waite we build high-performing development teams by recruiting the UK's top React talent, solidifying our reputation as a premier React JS development company.. We help enterprises get a unique competitive edge via our specialities:

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End-to-End development

No outsourcing here—our full stack team develops every component of your application. Because we never need to have developers waiting ‘on standby’, we develop your application quickly and cost-effectively.

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Accelerated delivery

We develop your application with the help of our own JavaScript automation framework. It allows us to replicate and modify your existing business rules without manual coding, for accelerated delivery with superior quality code.

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Disruption-free implementation

If you’re replacing an older system, changing all your screens in one go is risky. Our JavaScript UI integration layer lets you switch between old and new systems so you can replace screens in phases— without disrupting your work.

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Experienced UK team

With 30+ years in development and 10 years’ experience in ReactJS, we’re a leading UK enterprise developer. Our team is fully in-house and is here to support you long-term.

Case studies

See how our ReactJS development transforms organisations

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Isle of Man — Benefits Payment System

Griffiths Waite redevelops and future-proofs the Isle of Man’s benefit payment system

The Isle of Man was relying on a 20-year-old system to allocate benefit payments to thousands of citizens each month.

We rewrote the application functionality in TypeScript, React and Node.js, eliminating technical debt, securing the data while enabling the organisation to begin its digital transformation.

IOM Logo.svg Logo

Atradius — Atrium

Griffiths Waite transforms Atradius’ online offering to improve its global positioning

Atradius wanted to improve its online customer systems but was held back by an outdated design and legacy technology.

Redesigning the user experience to put the customer first, we built a new full-stack JavaScript application in React, Node.js and TypeScript, delighting Atradius’ users worldwide.

Atradius.svg Logo

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Get in touch with us to find out more about our process, pricing, and delivery timelines. We are a leading ReactJS software development company based in the UK.

What other React development services do we offer?

React UI/UX development

ReactJS is primarily a front-end development framework, so it’s the go-to choice for UI/UX development. There are several benefits to using it to build screens and web pages, including:

Move to the cloud

Easy to build and maintain

ReactJS uses a modular architecture based on reusable components, so developers can collaborate easily with coding from scratch every time.

Adopt microservices architecture

Smooth user experience

With performance optimisation techniques like lazy loading, memoisation, and code splitting, ReactJS means even complex interfaces run smoothly.

Enable API integration

Fast development

Developers can describe the UI logic they need and React will act automatically, shortcutting the development process.

Griffiths Waite offers an end-to-end ReactJS development service that includes React UI/UX development.

What other React development services do we offer?

React mobile app development

ReactJS has superb mobile capabilities, and many developers use its ‘sister’ framework, React Native, to create mobile apps. However, at Griffiths Waite, we typically create enterprise apps that work on both web and mobile — so we use ReactJS for both.

Using ReactJS for mobile development has numerous benefits, such as:

Move to the cloud

Consistency across platforms

Developers can create a component in React and then customise its size and appearance on different devices.

Adopt microservices architecture

Fast, smooth performance

ReactJS uses performance optimisation techniques that result in fast loading and smooth performance for users.

Enable API integration

Integration with Native code

Developers can leverage platform-specific features and APIs by writing native modules in languages like Java (for Android) or Swift/Objective-C (for iOS), and then integrating them with ReactJS components.

What other React development services do we offer?

React migration and porting services

When you’re updating or replacing an old application, you can migrate it to ReactJS in order to modernise it and improve the user interface. Griffiths Waite offers this as part of our legacy modernisation service, which includes ReactJS development for web apps.

The process typically involves analysing the current architecture, dependencies, and features of the web application to determine the scope of the migration. We then break the old application into modules and migrate, test, and optimise them in phases.

What other React development services do we offer?

ReactJS consulting services

If your development team is using React and needs extra guidance, we can offer consulting services for two common scenarios:

  • Troubleshooting. Get expert help with a difficult challenge in your react software development project.
  • Productivity issues. Find out how to get more out of your React development resources to accelerate development or stretch your budget further.

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Get custom React js solutions

Get in touch with us to find out more about our process. We are a leading ReactJS software development company based in the UK.


What services does your react development company provide?

We can offer your company:

What are some of the challenges in React. JS web development?

There are two common challenges in React. JS web development services:

1. Dependency management

JavaScript projects frequently use open source components that have existing libraries. In turn, these libraries may use other libraries. As a result, components will often need updating and adjusting as this libraries change.

2. Cyber security

Because open-source components have these dependencies, a cyber security vulnerability can emerge from a library that’s outside the application. For this reason, developers need cyber security processes and strategies that protect the application against these vulnerabilities.

How does ReactJS contribute to cost reduction?

Less coding required

Many developers share their React code online in communities. This means that instead of coding everything from scratch, developers can take ‘template’ code and use it in their own development process.

Efficient use of resources

When you’re using multi-stack technology teams, you will likely have moments where developers are waiting for work to materialise. When you’re developing primarily in JavaScript, your developers have more flexibility to work on different components of the application. As a result, you can use your development resources more efficiently.

Enterprise Innovation through JavaScript

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