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React JS consulting services

Level up your enterprise development projects

Get expert guidance on using React.JS to its full potential in your enterprise development project. Advice, troubleshooting, and web development from a UK JavaScript expert.

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Why use React.JS consulting services?

Your React development challenges are costing you money

As the world’s most popular JavaScript framework, React gives you amazing possibilities for fast, flexible development. But learning how to use it effectively takes time and effort—often with unforeseen challenges along the way.

And when you’re behind with React, that means:

  • Missed deadlines
  • Bugs and errors in your code
  • Problems implementing React JS for the first time

React JS consultancy

Get more out of React, without the learning curve

As experts in enterprise development with Javascript, we can provide full assessment, planning and support for your projects. In addition, we have proprietary React development systems to help you achieve your goals cost-effectively.

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Resolve project challenges

If you’re dealing with a looming deadline or difficult development issues, we can get you back on track with our high-quality React consulting services. Our experts have 10+ years’ experience in JavaScript and have completed dozens of enterprise development projects.

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Develop new applications faster

Building your design system from scratch takes time, even when you’re using open source components. With our enterprise agile software development system, you shortcut the process and start developing in days.

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Migrate to ReactJS gradually

Moving to React JS doesn’t have to involve a risky, ‘big bang’ changeover. We’ve developed coexistence systems that let you build new components with React and deploy them while still using your old systems.

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Upskill your development team

Your team needs to learn React — but training courses just aren’t practical enough. We can work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team, gradually upskilling them in real-life scenarios.

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New app design and development

Start building apps in ReactJS faster

Open source frameworks like React give you the potential to develop quickly by re-using existing components. However, in any new project, you’ll need to take time to create a design system that incorporates your brand and product vision.

Design system

We can help you speed up this process and shave months off your development time. As part of our rapid react development platform, we offer a standardised component library that you can use to build your pages — a ready-made, customisable design system.

DevOps pipeline

Cybersecurity is also a priority for any open-source development project. To keep your application ready for the latest dangers, we supply a DevOps pipeline with security systems built-in.

Migration to ReactJS

Move your application to React, one step at a time

If developers built your application using an older framework, you may find it difficult to recruit qualified developers to work on it. Migrating to React is the obvious choice—but you might be concerned about having to do an all-in-one changeover.

Thanks to our proprietary UI integration later, we can help you migrate one step at a time. The integration layer allows you to keep your existing UI layer and build new modules alongside it using React. With coexistence enabled in this way, you can easily migrate in small steps, avoiding any risks to your business-critical services.

What frameworks and libraries can we help you migrate from?
Oracle JET
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Existing application enhancement

Bring your older application up to date

If your application is based on an older version of JavaScript, you’ll eventually run into performance issues. What’s more, as elements of your library become outdated, you become more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

We offer several services to help you enhance your application, including:

  • In-depth assessments
  • Full setup of console and tooling
  • Joint development + staff upskilling
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Performance optimisation

Fix slow-running React applications

If your React application is running slowly, it can disturb your workflows and reduce productivity. We can run diagnostics to help you identify and resolve the problem, looking at factors such as:

  • Number of users
  • Amount of data used
  • Number of back end services

Following this analysis, we determine the root of the slowdown you’re experiencing in React JS development and recommend actions to resolve it.

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Advisory services

Solve your biggest React.JS challenges

If you’re new to ReactJS, or working with an inexperienced team, it’s normal to have some challenges during the development process. We can help you determine where you’re going wrong and put your team in a position to build faster.

Our team offers assistance with:

  • Assessment of applications, workflows, and timelines
  • Troubleshooting development project
  • Best practices when moving to React for front-end development

Custom React.JS development

Hire us for full stack enterprise development

As one of the UK’s leading React.JS specialists, we offer unique advantages that few other enterprise developers can.

Move to the cloud

Accelerated, higher-quality development

We combine human expertise with machine automation to generate code quickly and cost-effectively.

Adopt microservices architecture

Risk-free projects

Our unique phased approach means we avoid the ‘big bang’ changeovers that put projects at risk.

Enable API integration

Early wins

We start projects with proof-of-concept processes that give your stakeholders the confidence to move forward.

Our development process

How we develop React.JS applications in five stages

1.	Product Landscape

1. Product Landscape

Businesses often rush into development without a proper strategy in place, and this can lead to disappointing results. Instead, we start by understanding your product requirements and how they fit into your business goals.

2.	Product Vision & Architecture

2. Product Vision & Architecture

We assess your current systems and identify any limitations that would affect development. Next, we design the UI/UX interface for the entire application along with the technical blueprints (data model and service calls) to support the development.

3.	Product Design

3. Product Design

This is the final stage before we start coding. Here we produce the detailed specifications that enable our developers to write the individual programs, whether that means a screen, an API, or a database call.

4.	Product Development

4. Product Development

We get to work developing your product, working in short phases that allow for regular evaluation. Coding and testing are reduced to a bare minimum with our rapid JavaScript development platform, further shortening feedback loops and time to value.

5.	Asset Maintenance

5. Asset Maintenance

Every application requires maintenance, so we set up processes for monitoring and troubleshooting. We can also expand your product’s capabilities so you can keep innovating and respond to competitive threats.

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Talk to our ReactJS consultants

Get in touch with us to find out more about our process. If you’re based in the UK, we can also meet in person.

Why Griffiths Waite?

Get a business-enhancing application in record time, with superior quality code

Griffiths Waite is one of the UK’s leading React consultants. We help enterprises get a unique competitive edge via our specialities:

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Development innovations

Our service includes access to innovations that you won’t find anywhere else. Our rapid react development platform incorporates a done-for-you design system and UI integration layer that lets you integrate new and old application components.

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Accelerated delivery

We develop your application with the help of our own JavaScript automation framework. It allows us to replicate and modify your existing business rules without manual coding, for accelerated delivery with superior quality code.

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Disruption-free implementation

If you’re replacing an older system, changing all your screens in one go is risky. Our JavaScript UI integration layer lets you switch between old and new systems so you can replace screens in phases— without disrupting your work.

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Experienced UK team

With 30+ years in development and 10 years’ experience in ReactJS, we’re a leading UK enterprise developer. Our team is fully in-house and is here to support you long-term.

Case studies

See how our ReactJS consultancy transforms organisations

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Isle of Man — Benefits Payment System

Griffiths Waite redevelops and future-proofs the Isle of Man’s benefit payment system

The Isle of Man was relying on a 20-year-old system to allocate benefit payments to thousands of citizens each month.

We rewrote the application functionality in TypeScript, React and Node.js, eliminating technical debt, securing the data while enabling the organisation to begin its digital transformation.

IOM Logo.svg Logo

Atradius — Atrium

Griffiths Waite transforms Atradius’ online offering to improve its global positioning

Atradius wanted to improve its online customer systems but was held back by an outdated design and legacy technology.

Redesigning the user experience to put the customer first, we built a new full-stack JavaScript application in React, Node.js and TypeScript, delighting Atradius’ users worldwide.

Atradius.svg Logo


What does a React consultant do?

React consultants will typically guide companies in using React.JS to its full potential. This can include troubleshooting challenges, migrating an older system to React, and improving React development processes.

Is ReactJS still in demand?

React.JS is currently the most popular JavaScript development framework, and it’s popularity continues to grow and outstrip all other enterprise JavaScript frameworks. Developers appreciate React for its flexibility, and because it allows developers to break down their UI into small, reusable components.

Enterprise Innovation through JavaScript

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