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Arqiva provides and operates much of the infrastructure behind television, radio, satellite, and wireless communications in the United Kingdom. Its customers include major broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV, and Sky, as well as independent radio groups. Arqiva also provides satellite distribution services in the United States, France and the Middle East.


Arqiva’s transmitter and multiplexe technology was central to the business-critical functions of managing broadcast networks that serve millions of end-users around the world every single minute and provide up to the minute data on pro-active and reactive maintenance of transmitters and the knock-on impact for programme schedules and audiences.

The Portal was conceived and launched in response to customer requests for even greater innovation and communication and directly aligned with one of Arqiva’s strategic imperatives to improve customer experience.

The target audience would span from the CEO through to technicians, presenters and DJs, making them aware of network performance, incidents, and other issues that might affect the transmission of programs to audiences.
The goal was to develop a new and exciting tool with capacity to show up-to-date network status information in a visual way while monitoring and prioritising incidents and planned work. The core objectives were:


Enable customers to determine the operational status of transmitters and view the current and future configuration data of multiplexes (streams of digital information containing audio and other data) on the networks that broadcast their programs.


Give users access via any combination of Web, Mobile Phone, Tablet and Desktop devices.


Provide secure identity and access management to ensure that access to commercially sensitive network data is restricted to the relevant radio broadcaster.


The Portal needed to be delivered in three months.
Company profile
Telecommunications company with a turnover of £1 billion.
Design, Architecture, Integration

Increasing customer loyalty through greater visibility.




Radio Groups


The main challenge with the project was to present the vast amount of data about Arqiva’s various networks and network assets in a simplified, accurate, consistent and integrated portal as the information was stored in several different sources. This introduced significant performance constraints, as the data had to be processed, merged and presented to the user within seconds.

Critically, the Portal would be the first application of Arqiva’s that provided customers with access to internal systems / data through the internet. Arqiva is part of Britain’s “Critical National Infrastructure” so if any part of its infrastructure was exposed to access via the internet there would be severe security issues at a national level.

Ensuring that commercially sensitive data was restricted to the relevant user was extremely complicated to resolve due to the large size and complex organisation structure within Arqiva, further complicated by the fact that some customers were conglomerates - where the company sat in the group hierarchy would determine what data an individual was allowed access to.
“We wanted to give our customers something new, exciting and, above all, useful – an important tool that enables them to manage their critical services.”

Helen Knight
Head of Product for Radio & TV @ Arqiva

Seamless integration with the back-office and transmitter data.

To deliver to the very aggressive timescales, we worked on the entire solution from scratch in-house: no handing off to different suppliers, no managing different sub-contracted agencies – we were responsible for all the technical engineering, the systems integration and front-end design, from the design and architecture phase to ensuring a successful go-live.

We worked with key business users to design and build the portal, optimising the interface for each device to ensure the best possible customer experience, achieved through the seamless integration between the portal, back-office, and transmitter data and ensured access security was maintained for broadcasters’ critical data.

We made monitoring network performance as intuitive as possible, enabling radio broadcasters to view the status of their network in near real time, with a “traffic light” system to alert them to faults and their severity, which when overlaid on Google Maps gave customers a visual map of their sites and services and the ability to dispatch engineers and manage the issue to resolution.

With so many different stakeholders, customers and individual needs, the Portal was developed to allow users to personalise their own dashboards so they could, at a glance, see the status of transmitters within their broadcast regions. Customers could see if their network was running smoothly and gain insight into planned works and receive almost real time updates on major incidents, making operations and communication with Arqiva more efficient.
Our Approach

Accelerated delivery received with delight.

3 month

Accelerated Delivery


of contracts supported

90%90% increase

Customer adoption uptake
In just three months, we delivered a working customer portal, accessible across multiple devices, that had been 10 years in the planning. Access was rolled out to 20 radio groups covering 3,500 transmitters.

Users were delighted with the quick registration process and the intuitive, personalised dashboard that integrated with Google maps to show the transmitters and their status across the UK. Customers could now easily create a watchlist of specific incidents and planned maintenance works that were displayed on their dashboard when they logged in.

The Portal not only improved the experience for broadcast radio customers by providing self-service access to their network status, with 24/7 notification of faults, fixes, and maintenance schedules, but also enabled Arqiva’s engineers to now review and update service calls whilst on-site and mobile.

The launch was so successful that 90% of their existing customer base signed up for access as soon as it was launched and rated the service as “fantastic,” “innovative,”, and “brilliant”. Not only was the Portal an immediate success with its target audience, it was instrumental to Arqiva securing numerous long-term contracts, including the BBC, and has played a role in raising the brand profile significantly to global partners.
“The Portal transformed customer service by giving radio broadcasters insight into the performance of the networks that transmit programs to their audiences. GW's expertise enabled us to build the solution in three months. The portal is a great advertisement for Arqiva.”

Helen Knight
Head of Product, TV and Radio @ Arqiva

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