Customer APIs

Open up your data and services for frictionless collaboration

APIs (Application Programming Interface) are critical to the success of digital programmes, underpinning a new wave of business innovation by providing customers with omnichannel experiences, encouraging closer business partnerships, and enabling the monetisation of data and services.
Customer APIs

Multi-Channel Experiences

APIs, by design, focus first on the interface providing a layer of abstraction between the underlying implementation and how the functionality is exposed to a consumer. For these reasons, APIs are fuelling new digital transformations across enterprises, powering innovative customer experiences whilst hiding complexity in the back end.

Adopting an API-first strategy allows consistent and seamless adoption of new channels while leveraging a common base of business logic and providing a consistent experience. Mobile has become ubiquitous, and we are seeing new interaction paradigms such as voice, chat, and wearables gain significant traction. Again, all of these are enabled by API-driven platforms.
Multi-Channel Experiences

Power innovative customer experiences whilst hiding back-end complexity.

Co-create Value with Partners

Co-create Value with Partners

APIs are driving a new wave of innovation centered on sharing services. Partnerships are becoming increasingly critical for institutions to extend their boundaries beyond traditional channels, acquire more customers, and create deeper engagement.

An API-first strategy treats the API not as middleware but as a software product, which should be designed outside-in from the customer’s perspective, (in this case, the developers’), creating intuitive, efficient interfaces including Developer Portals, accompanied by thorough documentation.

This empowers developers to expand a company’s services into new apps, digital experiences, and business models. They must also generate analytics about developer and user behaviour, helping companies to improve both the API products they offer to developers and the products their APIs are used to build for end users.

Treat APIs as software products to extend company reach.


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