Accelerated Delivery

Projects optimised for tighter deadlines in the digital age

As the world becomes more digital and connected the pace of innovation and change is faster than ever. Gone are the traditional updates to core business systems every six months. In its place is a need to evolve and deploy customer facing applications, rapidly and effectively - often daily. Rapid delivery of digital products is now critical to a business capturing and maintaining market share and keeping ahead of their competitors.
Accelerated Delivery

Team Dynamics

Long-running, cross-functional product teams, co-located, working towards a common, customer-centric vision, means less downtime, better business fit and higher velocity.

Reducing project scope and complexity, by defining a minimal viable product (MVP), is key to delivering a product or service to the customer in only a few months, rather than in a year or more for traditional approaches.

The sooner projects can demonstrate working software, be it, prototypes, MVPs, or beta versions, the more chances there are for real user feedback. This reduces risk and increases the visibility of the progress of the project. This is imperative when working in quickly changing digital environments.

Leveraging agile processes and lean principles, development sprints prioritise prototyping and piloting to rapidly bring the vision for the product to life. A joint push for development in fortnightly or three weekly sprints set up the team for quick successes multiple times a quarter. This process drives rapid ROI through repeatable concept validation.
Team Dynamics

Long-running, cross-functional product teams, co-located.

Software Engineering System

Software Engineering System

Rapid delivery requires software development to be as automated as possible. Key to this is open-source development, DevOps and cloud platforms.

Open-source is a better way to build software. Using ready-made open-source platforms, frameworks and libraries, reduces the development time and budget dramatically, significantly accelerating time to value. Development teams avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’ and are freed to focus on delivering the unique functionality of their applications more quickly. The overall effect is high-quality software developed in a shorter period of time.

DevOps is critical to speeding up delivery, by reducing inconsistencies between multiple application environments (e.g. dev, test and production). The creation of reusable deployment procedures, so environments are available early in the development process ensures code and environments are tested together, at the earliest stages of the project, this shortens and amplifies feedback loops.

Key to this are open-source development, DevOps and cloud platforms.


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