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Process Improvement: Connecting Business and IT

Improve your processes: improve your chances of business success. To build and maintain SOA success it is vital to make process improvements at the point where business and SOA converge.

Business processes are your highest value assets, involving people, business systems, and content. Only when they work together in an automated environment can you realise maximum productivity and value. Improving those processes lies at the heart of the widely recognised Lean and Six Sigma techniques. These enable you to work on the universal improvement goals of Speed, Quality and Low Cost to deliver the revenue growth and customer responsiveness demanded in today’s highly competitive business climate.

Griffiths Waite specialises in the application of Lean Six Sigma techniques to achieve this Speed, Quality, and Low Cost. In particular, we see far more potential for process improvements in service organisations and service infrastructures than in traditional product and manufacturing companies. In fact studies have shown that 30-80% of the costs in a service business are pure waste – and can be significantly reduced to give organisations a major strategic advantage over their competition.

Process Improvement for Service Industries

Process Improvement for Service Industries

Up to 80% of costs in a service business are pure waste. Eliminating this waste can not only reduce costs, but more importantly allows a business to become faster and much more responsive to its customers, driving revenue growth.

Connecting Business and IT

Organisations are under continuous pressure to improve processes in response to a host of market and regulatory pressures. Business processes are becoming a high-value asset and the value of those assets lies not only in their execution but in the ability to manage and change them.

Business processes provide the common ground between business and IT – Lean Six Sigma is considered the pinnacle of process perfection. The ability to use technology to manage by process has really come of age and together, BPM and SOA provide the means of achieving this perfection.

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