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Forms to SOA

Our Forms to SOA Roadmap is the easiest and fastest way for customers to continue to leverage their existing Oracle Forms investments in a Service Oriented Architecture.

Is your Oracle Forms system ready for SOA? Yes. Our Forms to SOA Roadmap provides you with a realistic path to SOA.

Our roadmap deconstructs Oracle Forms systems into elemental components and remodels them into a set of new application services. The transition to SOA doesn’t have to involve a wholesale change in infrastructure. A strategy of incremental integration based on open standards and software portability allows the realisation of tactical objectives, such as quick ROI and rapid deployment, but also supports strategic objectives of system scalability and software reusability.

Our approach allows you to keep using your existing technology and to integrate it with new SOA technologies. It also provides a best practice roadmap that identifies your next steps for key Oracle products - such as Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, Oracle Reports, Oracle Designer, Oracle Discovery and Oracle Workflow – and how to move these into an SOA.

Forms to SOA Roadmap

Forms to SOA Roadmapenlarge

Using our SOA approach with your Oracle Forms system provides significant benefits:

  • Simplified integration
    Connect Microsoft, Oracle and other applications quickly by creating standardised SOA services
  • Increased reuse
    Application components exposed as SOA services are easily reused, saving development time and increasing application reliability.
  • Greater agility
    Rapidly deploy new business processes or modify existing ones in response to market changes using services as SOA process building blocks.
  • Reduced risk
    Adaptable processes and a single security model for accessing services enables ongoing regulatory compliance in a timely, cost-effective manner
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